Can You Use Voltage Generated By Tesla Coils And Van De Graaf Machines For Electrical Devices

Van de Graaf generators generate static electricity, not very useful, but Tesla coils were originally developed for the wireless transmission of electricity. All you need is two Tesla coils one to transmit and one to receive the energy. I remember reading a story of a lab that had two Tesla coils across the room from each other and they were energizing one and the other had its terminals bonded. After energizing the one they noticed the other started to smoke and they realized that they were transmitting power wirelessly.

So basically the answer is No. Tesla coils produce high voltage AC (radio frequency), low current. Van De Graaf machines generate high voltage DC low current. Most electrical devices require much lower voltage and much higher current.

High voltage capacitors should be stored with the terminals shorted, since temporarily discharged capacitors can develop potentially dangerous voltages when the terminals are left open circuited. Large oil filled old capacitors must be disposed of properly as some contain polychlorinated biphenyls PCBs. It is known that waste PCBs can leak into groundwater under landfills. If consumed by drinking contaminated water, PCBs are carcinogenic, even in very tiny amounts. If the capacitor is physically large it is more likely to be dangerous and may require precautions in addition to those described above. New electrical components are no longer produced with PCBs.

High ESR is the first sign of a capacitor failure. High ESR will cause complete circuit failure, over heating of capacitor, loading of the circuit, overstressing of other circuit components and other undesirable effects. Because measuring an electrolytic capacitor with an analog or digital capacitance meter can MISLEAD a technician into believing that a defective capacitor is good. This can waste your precious time and you are unable to repair the equipment. Which means you can’t charge your customer!If you don’t test for ESR on the capacitor, you will always miss the bad capacitor. Normally, these bad capacitors have high ESR reading which your normal multimeter or digital capacitance meter can’t measure.

» Horizontal yoke coil winding of a picture tube, inductor and primary winding of a transformer – If a shorted turn is present, the inductance drops dramatically and the meter will show the ohms reading. » Horizontal output transistor HOT in a monitor or TV – If an open circuit reading is obtained, the short circuit is elsewhere. If the short circuit remains, the transistor is faulty. » Short circuit in the track, usually trace to the components You can use the ESR meter to locate short circuits on printed circuit boards by measuring the actual track resistance. If the reading increases as you probe further along the track, you know you’re going in the wrong direction!» Speakers, amplifier etc The pulses have a fast rise/fall time, so it would probably make a crude RF signal injector as well.

All capacitors have a certain amount of resistance to the passage of AC current. ESR Equivalent Series Resistance is the sum of all internal resistances of a capacitor measured in Ohms. An ideal capacitor has ZERO ohms ESR. From the diagram below you can see a resistor in serieswith a “PERFECT CAPACITOR”. The value of the resistor is called ESR.

Only by using the ESR meter, you will be able to measure the ESR on the capacitor and you will not be fooled by capacitors with bad ESR. ESR meter can even work IN CIRCUIT, which means you don’thave to solder out the capacitor in order to measure it using normal capacitor tester, which would not be accurate anyway. » Low ohms resistor such as 0. 22 ohm, 0. 33 ohm and etc.

Device 260 may filter the voltage, which may then be applied to a switching device 270 and to a switching transformer 280. Switching transformer 280 may have primary and secondary windings. The voltage that is rectified by rectifier 240 and regulated by regulator 300 may be provided to the primary winding so that current may flow through the primary winding. The secondary winding may define the output of power supply 20. Switching device 270 may be connected to the primary winding of switching transformer 280 and to the device for storing and discharging electrical charge 260. Switching device 270 may control the flow of current through the primary winding by permitting and preventing such flow.FIG. 3 depicts a block diagram of an example embodiment of power supply device 20 for use in an LCD Electric Meter.

However, at no time do electrons actually cross between the plates, unless the dielectric breaks down. Such a situation would involve physical damage to the capacitor and likely to the circuit involved as well. In practice capacitors will be placed in series as a means of economically obtaining very high voltage capacitors, for example for smoothing ripples in a high voltage power supply. Three “600 volt maximum” capacitors in series, will increase their overall working voltage to 1800 volts. This is of course offset by the capacitance obtained being only one third of the value of the capacitors used.

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